About us

What drives our passion


D’Karas is an original salon established in 2013. We use exclusive products like Mens Dept, Saryna Key, LAbelin M and Deva Curl in all our services. In doing so, we spread awareness that we have the ability to lessen our environmental footprint through the simplest of choices, beauty. D’Karas takes great pride in providing customized professional services to our guests. We are dedicated to the craft of hair dressing to suit each individual’s lifestyle.

It is my considered opinion that the stylist is the most influential person in any community. When they public goes to a stylist, something happens to them, they feel safe and relaxed. The stylist knows what their skin is like under their makeup, they know their age, they don’t have to keep up any kind of pretence. People tell a stylist things they wouldn’t dare confess to a priest, and they are open about matters they try to conceal from a doctor. When people place their secret lives in the stylists hands, the stylist gains an authority few other people ever attain. I have heard stylists quoted with complete conviction on art, literature, politics, economics, child care, and morals. I tell you that a clever, thoughtful, ambitious stylist wields a power beyond the comprehension of most people.
– John Steinbeck

Thank you for choosing D’Karas, we are please to serve you.
Darren Smith